Project Description

Hardwood Decking, Walkways, and Retaining Walls Caterham

We first met Tom and Yvonne 2 years ago, since then we’ve been given the chance to continue working with them soon their decking in Caterham.

It started with a small softwood pine deck and some retaining walls at the front of their property in Caterham.

We were then asked if we could renovate their old decking at the bottom of the garden with hardwood decking. The frame was rotten as well as the decking so we completely replaced the whole structure and deck, as well as building a hardwood screen around it and steps up to a higher viewing platform.

Then later that year we were asked to revisit. They wanted something done with a steep bank at the back of the house, which had one set of sleeper steps to the side.

The garden wasn’t really very usable as it stood, and the grass area was fading fast.

We provided some plans and designs, tiering the steep bank with sleepers and cutting away the ground to build up into the bank. Due to the lack of access, all digging was done by hand.

We then concreted sleeper posts upright and bolted sleepers behind to form 4 small retaining walls in timber. This allowed for a walkway and two flower beds. We also built two new sets of timber steps either side, this allowed better access to the garden and lower timber decking area.

Tom decided to treat himself to a jacuzzi, which is situated at the bottom of the steps with decking around it. They also asked us to create a day bed area for relaxing.

The set of steps have double skinned walls going all the way up to the house. A hardwood screen will be planted to give privacy. All the sleeper walls were then cladded in yellow Belau hardwood decking.

Once the garden is planted and lights fitted we are sure the garden will look amazing.